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Build of Testors Lincoln Mint 1932 Ford Roadster, kit no. 7121

  04/17/15 ||  

The model is finished. Working on it off and on it took approximately 7 months to finish. If I had been working on it at a more focused pace I probably could have been done in a month. Overall I'm happy with the result, the bit of super-detailing I did turned out well and I think the finished model displays quite well. It definitely is a step up from a straight out of the box build.

My next project will be a resin submarine model from Yankee Modelworks. It's been in my closet for about 7 years and should be a good primer for a more advanced model that will follow, a Blue Water Navy resin Perry class missile frigate.




testors roadster 7121
    Here you can see my scratch built windshield. The plastic is a little scratched, but it's not really noticeable. The photoetch side mirror is a nice touch. The front wheels are turned just to the left for a little visual interest. The wash on the front rims makes them look a lot less toylike. Sanding the tires lightly also improves their look.

testors roadster 7121


    You can see how small the model is in 1:24 scale. The underside is not very detailed but the little bit of painting I did here paid off. You can see how the black wash on the power steering gear brought out the finer details.
    testors roadster 7121
    The engine chrome really benefitted from a black wash. The details on the valve covers and the supercharger really stand out. I'm very happy with the scratchbuilt spark plug wires and spark plug boots.

testors roadster 7121

    The finished interior with the kit provided flocked carpet. I black washed the steering wheel to give it some depth. The steering wheel is flat brown with dry brushed flat black to simulate wood. I'm happy with it. It is turned slightly to the left to match the angle of the wheels. The white glue I used on the windshield frame dried clear and is hardly noticeable.
    testors roadster 7121
    The last shot. For a simple kit it looks pretty good. The extra time spent on detailing was well worth it. The prepainted body with flames is nicely done, for a small model it's very eye-catching.
    Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you enjoyed it.
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