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    moral hygiene
    On the set of an infomercial I DP'ed. That's Cindy Morgan (from Caddyshack) and Jeff Conaway from "Taxi" in the car. 2005
    robert goulet
    Shooting a red carpet event for ET in Las Vegas, interviewing Robert Goulet and his wife. 2005


fred savage

    I did a "behind the scenes" shoot for a Nickelodeon show called "Ned's Declassified Guide to Middle School." The director was Fred Savage from "The Wonder Years". He was very nice, very modest and down to earth. He shows up to direct in a suit and tie, like Sam Raimi. It was great to talk with him and he enthusiastically agreed to a picture. 2004
    car auction group
    The crew I worked with at the Petersen Automotive Museum. From L to R- Alex, Me, David, Bryan, Joe, Jacob, Scott, and Todd. I ran 1 of 3 cameras covering the Barrett/Jackson Collectors Car Auction for a show called Automotive Visions.TV. 2003
    me with camera
    Shooting a series of commercials in Cabo San Lucas. 2004
    me with camera
    Shooting the Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Iowa Hawkeyes college football game in the snow and sleet.1993