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My ChildOfVision photography site is HERE
  04/16/16   March ARB Airfest 2016 Airshow in Riverside, California. Canon 7D MkII and 100-400 L lens. More pictures HERE.
    USAF Thunderbirds flying Lockheed Martin F-16s
03/20/16   Whale watching off the coast of Long Beach, near San Pedro. These are with my Canon 100-400mm L lens and 7D MkII.
    Gray Whale

Gray whale

    Brown Pelican
    Common Bottlenose Dolphins swimming in boat wake
08/27/15   Wings over Camarillo airshw was last weekend. These are all with my Canon 100-400mm L lens and a Canon 5d MkIII body courtesy of EVS in Glendale. Click here for pictures.
    Camarillo Airshow Osprey
    MV-22 Osprey, MCAS Miramar "Lucky Red Lions"

The Testors Roadster model is finished. Here is the last entry in my build log.

03/20/15   MCAS Yuma Airshow was February 20. My Dad and I went and had a great time. Click here for pictures.
yuma airshow f35
Marine F35B Lightning II, Yuma, AZ

Another update to my Testors Ford Highboy Roadster no. 7121 build.

Click here for most recent update March 20, 2015




  The lunar eclipse last week, moon at near totality. 3:50 AM, Canon 7D and Canon 100-400mm L lens at 400mm for 1 sec. at f8, ISO 800.
    Lunar Eclipse October 2014 Wayne Huffman

I've added a new page to this site. The new MODELS page documents my build of a Testors Lincoln Mint 1932 Ford Highboy Roadster 1/24 scale model car kit. I've gotten back into modeling after finally finishing my Phantom Pilot Boat model.

    testors roadster
04/19/11 || A March sunset over the Little Tujunga creek. Headlights are the 118 freeway heading east.
    Tujunga Sunset
07/27/10 || Some random shots from the Newhall Car Show last month.
Steve gets the catdog car in place
    My buddy Steve setting up his two-way car. His website is ClassicJasik.com
An old car's dashboard
Old Ford
06/20/10 || A special evening here. I've never been able to identify this cactus, but it blooms only at night, so that means it is pollinated just by moths and bats. The flowers are bigger than my open hand and go from closed to fully open in about 2 hours right at sunset. It is so beautiful and transitory... they last one night only, and are wilted and dying the next morning.
Night Blooming Cactus Flower
Night blooming cactus
04/18/10 || Julie and Jena emerge from the Metrolink station (subway) ready to conquer Chinatown....
Julie and Jena at the subway
04/13/10 || I saw Jesus at the post office!!!
02/07/10 || Cape Canaveral, Florida. Space shuttle Endeavour on the pad, from 5.2 miles away... We went down to see the last scheduled night launch. After one postponement, it went off at 4:26am. I didn't try to take pictures of the launch, just enjoyed the power and the fury and soaked it in....

Shuttle Endeavour wide shot

The shuttle lit with Xenon flood lights, you can see it from miles away

Endeavour on pad
01/26/10 || Another shot of the Coronado Bay Bridge...
Coronado bridge BW
01/15/10 || Quick shot from the San Diego harbor cruise we went on Saturday with Julie's parents....
Coronado Bay Bridge at Sunset
11/26/09 || We hiked to the top of Mt. Pinos near Frazier Park for Thanksgiving. It's the highest peak in the Los Padres National Forest at 8800 feet. We could see the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands from the summit, about 50 miles away. It was a nice day for a picnic, and a nice way to celebrate Thanksgiving.
    Mt. Pinos summit
11/14/09 || We went to Vegas this weekend. The Nellis Air Show in Las Vegas, NV was a lot of fun. First time I'd been there and there were some planes there I'd never seen before. See some pictures here.
10/20/09 || At long last, a redesign of my site....
10/17/09 || The Edwards Air Force Base airshow held today for the first time in three years. It was amazing, one of the first times the new F35 Lightning II fighter was on display. The F22 Raptor demo team also performed an insane display, showcasing the vectored thrust capabilities that produced unbelievable non-ballistic flight. Seemed to defy gravity at times. My airshow pictures are here.