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Build of Testors Lincoln Mint 1932 Ford Roadster, kit no. 7121 (last update 08/16/14)

  08/16/14 ||  

I'm not an expert modeller. And I've been away from the hobby for quite awhile. My last model, the Model Shipways Phantom Pilot Boat, took me 20 years to finish, from purchase to completion, which was just last weekend. Go here for photos of that model. But I enjoyed building plastic models as a kid, and I'm going to try it again.

I bought my Dad one of these kits last year. Then I bought myself the same kit so we could build them together. But my Dad lives in a climate with snow and rain, perfect weather for modelling. I live in a place where it is sunny 90% of the time so I'm more often working on the yard, fixing a car, the things you do when it is sunny out. My modelling is a slower process so I'm just starting my kit now.

This is just a way to document my build of this kit. I couldn't find any information on it when I was trying to research it a year ago. Maybe this will help somebody thinking about building one of these Testors Lincoln Mint kits. My goal is to build a nice model that will display well, with extra detailing. I'm not building an accurate model of a specifid real car. I'm going to experiment as I go. I'm going to try some things I haven't tried before like washes, scratchbuilding and extra detailing with found objects like electrical wire. If the model looks good when I'm done I will have succeeded.


The kit


The kit is a multimedia kit with plastic, metal and mixed material parts. The body is metal, other parts are plastic, tires are rubber and there are some photoetch pieces as well. One nice addition is a piece of faux carpet for the floor. The parts trees are individually bagged which protects them. The instruction booklet is only 8 pages but seems thorough for a kit of this limited complexity.

I bought my kit on ebay. The seller listed it as complete. The seller compared the parts trees to the parts breakdown diagrams in the instruction booklet, they were all accounted for so the seller believed the kit was complete. However, the tree of clear parts containing the windshield and head and tail lights does NOT appear in the parts diagram. And of course my clear parts were missing. The kit is long out of production and even though Testors corp. is great about supplying spares they had none for my kit anymore. I'll deal with it when I get to that point.

An old car's dashboard
    My workspace
Old Ford
    The box
Night Blooming Cactus Flower
    How my box looked when I opened it
Night blooming cactus
    1/24 scale pre-painted diecast body
    Testors Ford Roadster
    One of three chrome parts trees. The parts are fairly detailed for this scale. Parts are molded in chrome, black, beige and grey.
Julie and Jena at the subway
    Washing the parts in a mild dishsoap bath. This removes surface oil and helps paint adhere better..
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